Video Performance Monitoring

With just a few lines of JavaScript, get detailed information about what your users see: load times, error rates, rebuffering events, ad experience, and more.


See events seconds after they happen, for both on-demand and live video.


Mux digs deep into video experience and provides detailed guides to solving errors and improving the viewer experience.


Mux supports HTML5 video today, with iOS and Android SDKs in progress. OTT platforms coming soon.

Error Tracking

Don't wait for your viewers to tell you (and the world) about issues.

  • Dig into exactly what combination of devices, sources, and software are having problems
  • Get access to our deep research of specific errors. If you send us an error we haven't seen, we'll look into it for you.
  • Deploy updates to your video infrastructure with confidence.
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Quality of Service

Improve the viewer's experience with deep insights into what your viewers are actually experiencing.

  • See a viewer's specific view timeline, including events and metrics.
  • Compare your video platform's overall performance over time with an aggregated score.
  • Evaluate the performance of third-party service providers such as CDNs, players, and hosting.
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